3 Ways to Motivate Others

3 Ways to Motivate Others

There’s 3 major ways to motivate others around you: FearIncentive and Attitude.

Fear is something I find the most ineffective because it’s so short lived. It has its place in the arsenal of getting things done. Fear is based on consequences – which deter us from doing bad things. This is the undesirable stuff like punishments, fines, time-outs, revoked privileges, job security, hunger, and homelessness. What’s funny is that when we imagine worst case scenario’s based on fear, and what could happen based on consequences, we really get creative and think of the most horrible shit that can wreck our worlds.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain

Usually, it never happens, but the negative consequences are so powerful that they become real in our mind. Motivating through fear can cause harmful side effects, so try not to use it too much for you or others around you.

Incentive, on the other hand, is based on positive outcomes and is rewards based. Money, power, prestige, or freedom usually fall under this category. This is the stuff we want – so we work hard to get those things. But what happens when you’ve had enough – and you no longer care for or need the rewards being offered?

These motivational powers diminish after the threatened penalty has been avoided or the promised reward has been gained. People eventually realize they want to do things because they want to – so the best way to achieve this positive form of motivation is from within. Positive self motivating attitudes are the most effective because they become learning experiences, produce desired results and will last forever. Be prepared, since this is going to be a never-ending process and struggle to stay positive amongst all the current negativity out there.

So keep your head clean, commit to realizing what you want to achieve and then do it.

Andy Cox