Blogs for Online Business Administration Students

If you are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business, or want to go for an online MBA program while you work, keeping up with schoolwork is just one part of staying on top of your professional field. The internet is a great source of knowledge for students, allowing them to stay updated with the latest business tools and strategies, and hence actively reading business blogs is something that no MBA student can afford to miss.

With countless blogs available online for MBA students, it’s good to go for only the best ones. Keeping this in mind, we’ve conducted a thorough research and prepared a list of the best blogs for online business administration students to help them grow.


Known for its innovation, advanced marketing strategies, generous content, and educational posts for the online MBA students, HubSpot is one of the best sources available to make the most of your knowledge. HubSpot’s philosophy, inbound marketing, has effectively replaced disruptive marketing.


Although not technically a blog, Quora offers a plethora of information and real-life experiences by people who share their thoughts and knowledge about about everything and anything, including their online MBA. Whatever query you have in mind related to online MBA, you’re likely to find the right answer here, with millions of people sharing their knowledge. It’s a very helpful and fast read for a break at work or between classes.


I don’t think I need to mention why Forbes is one of the leading blogs online. Forbes has been in publication for almost 100 years and has formed a reputation as one of the premier publications for management students around the world. The wide knowledge of experts makes it a must-read for every business student. Another reason to go for Forbes’ blog is the fact that it covers every aspect of business, from offering some of the top list posts on business online to breaking business news.

Bloomberg Markets Magazine

This is an engaging and no-nonsense journalist magazine that covers a wide scope of markets and international news that may be helpful for online MBA students. It’s is one of the well-regarded publications in the business world, and reading it can help you stay on top of the news with updated information on global business and major corporate events.

Entrepreneur Magazine

As the name implies, Entrepreneur Magazine is the best place for business professionals and online MBA students, allowing them to get informed about the latest happenings around the business world. It focuses on every aspect of small business, and its blog is one of the best sources for small business trends. Whatever the field, customer loyalty, data security, or email marketing, this offers something for everyone wishing to know something about these fields of the business world. Another reason to bookmark this magazine is the fact it’s written by successful businesspeople and experts in every facet of small business.

Overcoming Procrastination

I used to think procrastination was due to laziness or a lack of motivation. Laziness makes sense since we eventually get to the task at hand. Have you ever thought to yourself: “I’ve got enough on my plate right now, I’ll get it it later”? Then later rolls around and you keep pushing the due date out even further. There’s always tomorrow right? Well, the truth is we avoid doing what needs to be done today.

So now I’ve come to realize that procrastination is the fear of taking action. There’s something hidden that we’re not prepared to face that’s holding us back from doing what we need to do. For example, I’d been procrastinating for weeks now on writing our SEO whitepaper. I put it off not because it wasn’t important, but that it was too important. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to write what I know about the topic in simple, jargon-free language since I rely too much on technical concepts, terms and explanations to get my point across. Would I really know how to explain what I know without relying on this major crutch? The answer was a victorious NO.

After realizing what my fear actually was, I was able to figure out a way of overcoming procrastination. It’s easy to stop procrastination once you know the true root of your fear. On a blank sheet of paper, draw a line right down the middle, creating two columns. Be honest with yourself and write down what you need to do on the left side – and why you’re not doing it on the right. It’s amazing what we discover when we write these things down.

It’s simple when you’re being honest with yourself. If you find some other informative articles on procrastination, please send them my way.

3 Ways to Motivate Others

There’s 3 major ways to motivate others around you: FearIncentive and Attitude.

Fear is something I find the most ineffective because it’s so short lived. It has its place in the arsenal of getting things done. Fear is based on consequences – which deter us from doing bad things. This is the undesirable stuff like punishments, fines, time-outs, revoked privileges, job security, hunger, and homelessness. What’s funny is that when we imagine worst case scenario’s based on fear, and what could happen based on consequences, we really get creative and think of the most horrible shit that can wreck our worlds.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain

Usually, it never happens, but the negative consequences are so powerful that they become real in our mind. Motivating through fear can cause harmful side effects, so try not to use it too much for you or others around you.

Incentive, on the other hand, is based on positive outcomes and is rewards based. Money, power, prestige, or freedom usually fall under this category. This is the stuff we want – so we work hard to get those things. But what happens when you’ve had enough – and you no longer care for or need the rewards being offered?

These motivational powers diminish after the threatened penalty has been avoided or the promised reward has been gained. People eventually realize they want to do things because they want to – so the best way to achieve this positive form of motivation is from within. Positive self motivating attitudes are the most effective because they become learning experiences, produce desired results and will last forever. Be prepared, since this is going to be a never-ending process and struggle to stay positive amongst all the current negativity out there.

So keep your head clean, commit to realizing what you want to achieve and then do it.

You Can Do It Better

If you know what you want to say and know precisely how to say it – why would you need a professional production house to delay the transmission? The boys at NIN captured a live rehearsal, made a few edits and posted the video straight to the fans in a matter days – not months. We’re getting craftier with our technologies.

The Downward Spiral

Most of us love Apple. Trent doesn’t. But that’s because he has a reason not to (right now). Personally, I think he’s over reacting a bit, but his point is a valid one – Who should be allowed to create things for others to consume? Since the gatekeepers have become us, the natural answer is “us”.

However, that’s really not the case when creating iPhone applications. Remember guys, that Apple is on a closed network. Always has been, always will be – and they’ve been pretty consistent about that (shaken baby app anyone?).

Check out the Downward Spiral iPhone Blog Post and tell me what you think.

Clean Lamps

First, let’s layout the operational definition of what an attitude really is. Attitudes are habits of thought that govern the way you relate to people and situations.

Attitudes are the lenses to how we see the world. If I think others are untrustworthy, than I’d be an untrustworthy person. If I think the world is against me, than it will be. Conversely, If I think the world is full of possibilities, than it will be. The point here is to have a positive attitude, which will guide you to positive outcomes – guaranteed.

We’re like mirrors that reflect upon one another – so it’s up to you as to which lens you want to apply. For bonus points, try not to choose a lens at all and watch what happens. Buddhist monks call this the lamp effect. When we clean off the dust off of our lamps – we see and experience the world as it should be. No bias, no preconceived notions or past generalizations to stain the moment. I think positivity will be your end result.

Inevitably though, dust (like everyday life) will begin to collect. So what’s the best way to keep our lamps clean?

How the Top Brands Use Big Data to Get an Edge on the Competition

Irrespective of industry or nature, all businesses want to be number one. Building a good brand is just the first step in making this happen.

Thanks to modern technology, it has become even easier for companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. Big data is proving to be an effective tool in putting a business on top.

Real-Time Consumer Opinions

Successful advertising plays a huge role in building a profitable brand. Big data makes it possible for companies to have access to consumer opinion reports right away –this information could make or break your campaign.

You need to know how consumers react not just to your advertising campaigns, but also to that of your competitors. Understanding the negative opinions is also crucial to avoid public backlash and damage to your brand.

Enhanced Customer Experience

These days, many customers shop online. This also makes it necessary for businesses to keep up with the current trend.

Through big data, a company can track a customer’s behavior and preferences. The real-time information allows the business to offer suggestions based on the customer’s shopping habits. These suggestions translate to greater profits.

Personalized Suggestions

Providing impressive service while your customer is browsing through your store is not your only goal. Continued consumer engagement is the key to winning loyal shoppers.

Based on a customer’s data, you can send personalized invites, promo codes, and shopping suggestions that will appeal to a particular shopper. Online shops are known for sending out personalized emails to inform a former customer of products which might interest them.

Social Media Management

These days, social media plays an essential role in building a brand. A viral post can make or break a business, which is why businesses plan to increase their social media spending.

Brand reach, advocacy, and customer service are just three things businesses can improve through social media. Big data can assist a company’s social media strategy to align with customer expectations and improving engagement.

Cost Reduction

When big data is involved, cost cutting becomes a less burdensome task. By combing through all the data, it’s easier to find avenues where your business can save money without compromising business operations. Unlike the traditional method, this is a more efficient and objective procedure.

More Revenue Streams

With the data you have about customers and trends, continued innovation and the quest to improve customer experience can lead to the development of new products which can help you establish a better brand while earning greater profits.